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Branson Dinosaur Museum

Branson Dinosaur Museum
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Branson Dinosaur Museum brings our prehistoric past to brilliant life!  This fascinating attraction is filled with every kind of creature, from the humongous and ferocious - think tyrannosaurus rex - to the pint-sized, like the micro-raptor, the diminutive dinosaur that stands a mere one-foot-tall!  These authentically detailed and astonishingly lifelike animals were carefully crafted by talented paleo artists; they used molds that were actually created from genuine dinosaur skeletons.  You’ll discover - much to your delight - that more than 50 life-sized dinosaurs are roaming around this magnificent museum -- well, maybe they’re not actually ‘roaming’ around, but they’re so realistic that it seems entirely possible for them to come to life right before your eyes!

Your self-guided tour of Branson Dinosaur Museum will include access to all the displays; each features a plaque that provides written details of the creature that has captured your attention.  There’s also a fascinating fossil exhibit, a learning center with a video presentation, a special area for hosting the most amazing birthday party your child will ever have, and a gift shop filled with fabulous finds!  Best of all, there’s no limit on how much time you can spend in the museum...take as long as you like...take pictures...take home a souvenir from the gift shop...and take away memories that are simply priceless!

Helpful Hints/Additional Information

  • Branson Dinosaur Museum is located at 3916 West Highway 76.

  • The exterior of the museum is easy to spot - there are dinosaurs peeking out at you from the front of the building!

  • The Museum is accessible to guests with disabilities.

  • Still and video photography is permitted, so capture those memories to your hearts content!

  • There is a gift shop and a party room located inside the museum.

  • Branson Dinosaur Museum is family-friendly and suitable for all ages.

Branson has an abundance of wonderful museums and other attractions, each more than deserving of your time, but no other place in town has dinosaurs!  Kids of all ages can’t resist dinosaurs, and now you don’t have to...just make sure your next trip to your favorite destination for non-stop entertainment includes a visit to the Branson Dinosaur Museum!


Branson Dinosaur Museum

Branson Dinosaur Museum
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