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Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic Museum Attraction
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The Titanic Museum Attraction Branson pays tribute to the world’s most famous ship, and beautifully honors the passengers aboard when the ‘unsinkable’ vessel did the unexpected and unimaginable on its maiden sank.  Although it’s been more than 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic stunned the world on that fateful April day in 1912, nearly everyone knows something about one of the most unforgettable events in history.  The Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson not only educates guests about the many things they may not know, it does so with rotating artifacts, interactive displays, and special events hosted throughout the year.  It’s most fascinating feature is that guests taking the self-guided tour can experience the ship as the passengers did...walk the hallways, explore the parlors and cabins, and even ascend the gorgeous grand staircase with its oak carvings and cherub statue.  Titanic’s guests can touch an iceberg, and they can feel how cold the water was that day in April - a chilly 28-degrees, and try standing on decks that sloped as the ship tilted.  

Titanic Museum Attraction Branson boasts an impressive collection of artifacts; there are more than 400 personal and private items on display, many for the very first time.  The massive collection is valued at more than $4.5 million; it’s truly astonishing that such a valuable collection has been made available for guests to view.   And one of the most fascinating features of your visit is that your boarding pass, given to you at the entrance, will include the name of an actual passenger or crew member aboard the Titanic!  During your journey, you’ll discover ‘your’ fate - all 2,208 names of those aboard can be found on the wall in the Titanic Memorial Room.  

Many of the exhibits in the Titanic Museum Attraction Branson change out from time to time; ongoing features include:

  • An 18-foot long replica of the actual Titanic.  This one-of-a-kind model was constructed from the original shipbuilders’ actual drawings.

  • Replica of the Grand Staircase: It cost over $1 million to construct this gorgeous re-creation of Titanic's most iconic feature; the actual blueprints used to build the original were relied upon once again for this stunning replica.  Go ahead and climb the Grand Staircase and enjoy it’s beautiful wood inlays and carved cherub.

  • Replica of a Third Class cabin:  You can see an example of Third Class living quarters, and learn the number of people who might stay in such a room, as well as what you would pay in today’s economy to travel as a Third Class passenger.

  • Replica of a First Class cabin.  You’ll quickly notice the vast differences between the First Class and Third Class cabins, and hear actual stories of survival from First Class passengers. Discover who could afford such elegant accommodations, and what they would have paid for their First Class experience.

Helpful Hints/Additional Information

  • The Titanic Museum Attraction Branson is located at 3235 West Highway 76, also known as West 76 Country Boulevard (for GPS users,) and most famously as simply The Strip.

  • Tours of the Museum are self-guided; however, you likely encounter crew members during your visit who can answer questions.

  • To fully explore the many exhibits and displays in Titanic, allow approximately two hours for your visit.

  • For the protection of the precious artifacts and displays within the Museum, no still or video photography is permitted.  There are excellent photo opportunities of the Museum’s exterior.

  • So that all guests may enjoy the Museum, please set cell phones on silent or vibrate.

  • Titanic boasts a well-stocked gift shop, featuring both the popular, small mementos you'll find in many such attractions, as well as more unique and upscale gifts and collectibles.

Few attractions will impact you in quite the same way as the Titanic Museum Attraction Branson will, and many museums aren't nearly as interactive and immersive. Experience a significant piece of history, one that can both stir your emotions and warm your heart...experience Titanic Museum Attraction Branson!

Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic Museum Attraction
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